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Alternate Reality Experience By Candace Craw-Goldman - Guest Post

In February of 2009 I was living in Central Texas suffering from what the locals call “Cedar Fever”. I had, like many others, developed an allergy to the pollen of the mountain juniper tree. It had taken 7 years for the allergy to develop and produce the severe symptoms that I was experiencing.
I was housebound and wore a surgical mask 24/7 trying to escape the poison of the pollen. I had trouble breathing, eating and sleeping. I was exhausted. My eyes watered so continuously I balled up tissue and tucked it into the corners of my eyeglasses. I was basically non-productive and honestly, afraid my throat would swell shut and cut off my air supply.
One night at 2am, after hours of attempting sleep, I gave up and made myself a cup of tea and got my laptop computer. I decided to catch up a bit on the William Buhlman Yahoo Out of Body Experience Group, of which I was a member. When I logged on I found there was a new post by someone who claimed she had an OBE and woke up in someone else's body. This thought utterly fascinated me and as you will see, I think triggered an amazing experience.
I had also recently been doing much reading and work studying the concept of time and of parallel lives with my work as a Past Life or Spiritual Regressionist. And, just before having this profound experience I had had a dream where I sat at a round table with my "light council" and they passed me a paper that looked like a spreadsheet. I don't recall what the columns on the spread sheet represented, but I do know that I was shown some “cells” were recently marked with x's. I took this to mean that I was now allowed to know or understand or experience certain aspects of time that were unavailable to me before.
So back to my sleepless night. My tea was finished and I was also done reading my email and I looked at the clock. It was 3am. I thought I would try to sleep again, and it occurred to me that I was poised to have an OBE. Sure enough, I closed my eyes and very quickly left my body.

It was such a smooth exit, I was barely aware of the usual vibrations. I didn't seem to travel through very much space at all as I rose above my body. The room I was in changed. It got larger, and it became daylight. I found myself in a house I did not recognize, looking at a room and a bed I was not familiar with. I wasn't long looking around noting my surroundings when I found myself being pulled back into my body.
I woke up and I sat up in my bed.
But it was not “my” bed! It was the bed from the OBE and I was looking around at a house that was not mine!
I started to panic. Where the hell was I? And then very quickly and more importantly, the question became…WHO? Who was the person who sat up in this bed?

I looked at my arms, and torso, and yes, this was the body I recognized as my own. And even in the strange scared state I was in, I realized I was indeed in my own body, but I was in a body that could breathe! I had no surgical mask on my face. My nose was clear, my eyes did not hurt and my throat and lungs were normal. Heck, I could even see across the room without eyeglasses!
I still didn’t know what was happening. I rubbed my arms. I pinched them hard. I was absolutely awake and physical. I was not dreaming!

Just then, two children came into the room and began to play on the little day bed next to my own bed. These were my children in my present life. My son and daughter, but, they were little kids, not near adults as they are now! I was just shocked.

I said, "Lauren??"
My daughter’s voice, distinctive and melodic, answered me, "What is it Mama?" Stunned, still, I did not respond to her but instead addressed my son, "Dylan?" and Dylan looked over to me briefly but mumbled something in the voice I recognized as my second born child. They continued to play with their stuffed animals on the daybed .
I took a deep breath and then asked the only thing that came into my head, "Lauren, how old
are you?" She answered, "Don't be silly Mama, you know I am six years old." Dylan then piped up, "And I am four".
At that point I opened my arms and invited them to come to me for a hug and they rushed over to my bed. I buried my nose into each of their heads, in part, to see if they smelled like my children, and they absolutely did. Every mother knows the smell of her own children. I did all the “am I dreaming?” tests again while holding them to see if I was physical, to see if they in fact were physical. I felt the textures of their hair, I noted the temperature of their skin on their little arms. We all were in real 3D bodies. There was no question about it.

I lay back on my pillow with my mind simply reeling. I kept looking at my hands, my arms, pinching myself over and over to assure myself I was physical and in my “own “body.
The only thing that was different about my body was I wasn't in the throes of allergy
sickness. I was utterly awake and aware. I am not sure how OLD my body was, but it was my body. I didn't see a mirror in the room, but my next thought was to go find one. I also had the thought, "Well, however this turns out, I thought, at least I can breathe in this body!!!"

I then wondered if I just entered a life where I would be considered mad?
What if I just found myself in a life where I would tell people that I “really” had lived
another life in another place up till now, but would have to readjust and live in THIS
other body in this other reality? Would they commit me? Medicate me? What about my husband? Was he even IN this life?
It was just too big of an idea, too much, too outrageous to accept so quickly. I closed my eyes and tried to center myself so that I would not panic, but I was panicking a little, no doubt about it.

The amazing thing is that the presence of my children was very much stabilizing and comforting. Their voices were as I remembered, their conversation completely normal and believable even though I knew that they were much older than the small children before me. This was no dream, it was something else, but whatever was happening to me, my beautiful children, who were themselves as far as I could tell, were there with me to soften the shock.

Shock or no shock, as I lay there with my head spinning with these thoughts I actually fell asleep! I proceeded to dream a lucid dream, where I absolutely knew I was the "other" me or the other body, dreaming. I saw characters from my present life in the dream, and others whom I wondered if the "other" me knew in that life. I actually walked around in that dream (it was a party for the most part) and just observed what was going on with the other people, waiting for
my body to wake up. I was so curious to know which body was I going to wake up in?

Eventually I did wake up and take a deep breath, or more accurately try to, and I began coughing madly and reached for the tissues. I was back in my "old" body now, back in my
house in Texas. I was back in my sick, allergy suffering body.

As I lay there I felt that I could still smell my children's hair (with a nose that worked). I did NOT recognize the house, the clothes or the bedding in the experience and, interestingly, my daughter's hair was shorter than I recall it being when she was 6. In other words, I did not go back into time of my present life, I definitely went somewhere else.

I had an OBE, I woke up in a physical body that was mine, in another reality, where my children were more than a decade younger than I knew them to be, then went back to sleep and woke up again, back in my current body.
Looking back on this experience I have to say I am most grateful for it. I do believe in parallel lives and simultaneous time, and I believe I was allowed to experience them briefly to expand my mind in this 3D reality. More good news I can report is that in 2010 I barely noticed the Cedar Fever season! I believe a combination of acupuncture, visualization, angelic intervention and quantum touch energy healing helped rid my allergy to mountain juniper. I am fairly certain, this alternate reality experience also contributed to the healing.

I met Candace because she belongs to two of the online dream experiment groups that I belong to. If you want to know more about her work and her experiences, visit her website:

Like many of you I am on a Journey. My quest for spiritual growth and self-healing has prepared me to help others who find themselves upon a similar path.

I have been actively practicing Spiritual Regressions since 2008 focusing primarily on the Dolores Cannon Method. I remain committed to her work and teachings and remain involved with Dolores and more than 250 other practitioners of her method by officially moderating her very active worldwide online practitioner group.

I have been a Usui Reiki Master since 2000, and am also a Quantum Touch practitioner. I belong to several Group Dreaming associations and a local Shamanic Vision Journey circle.

I am also a writer, and artist and professional photographer. I am a wife and mother of two grown children and I remain a passionate lover of animals and horses and maintain currently a household of dogs, cats, chickens and a herd of three fine horses and one miniature donkey named Elvis.

Currently my home base is Austin, Texas, But soon I will be dividing my time between here and Wichita Kansas.
Love and light,

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