Saturday, January 26, 2008

Online Precognition Research

At 1:00 a.m. on the morning of January 25, I awoke and recorded the following dream:

I felt as if I were in the body of another younger woman. My husband and I and our small daughter bought a house at the bottom of a hill and moved in. We could look up at the top and see a casino, neon, glittering, and beautiful. An earthquake opened up huge fissures. I saw it happen. I heard people screaming and running, trying to get out. A young man fell through a railing. Others grabbed him and pulled him back, including a young woman who acted proud of being strong enough to do that. The next day reporters came. My husband had at one time been a reporter. He took one of their cameras and said something like “I’m back” to film my daughter’s doll abandoned in the yard at the time of the catastrophe. He and the reporters displayed crass emotions. People were laughing as they sifted through the debris. I was horrified by the selfish, empty destruction.

Imagine my dismay when I watched the evening news and saw that the Monte Carlo Casino burned in Las Vegas at 11 a.m., just ten hours later. In my dream the destruction came from an earthquake. In reality it came from a fire, but the juxtaposition in time and the similarity between the appearance of the casino in the video and in my dream shocked me enough to switch channels to see the images several times. Those images confirmed in my mind that I had at some level of consciousness been aware of the events about to unfold.

For a long time I dreaded my precognitive dreams because I had some notion that, if I knew something was about to happen and couldn't prevent it, then I was to blame. Everyone hates to feel guilty, and I let my fear get in the way of any usefulness in my abilities. Now I realize that I'm like most people. None of us understand these abilities we have. Even people who are far better at precognition than I don't understand the why of their abilities very well

Some things are already known about precognitive dreams. I'm summarizing research done by Arthur T. Funkhouser of Switzerland:

Most precognition happens in dreams rather than in waking life.

Precognitive dreams can be induced through intention.

Precognitive dream subjects are generally mundane, such as dreaming that you'll meet a person named Virgil when you've never known anyone by that name.

People who record their dreams find precognitive elements in 4 to 12 percent of them.

Most precognitive dreams play out in the ensuing 24 hours although a few take years for fulfillment.

Emotion tends to induce precognition.

There is much more to be learned about precognition. Online research allows many of us to participate. If you have dreams that intrigue you, I encourage you to join one or more of the following research sites as I have done and help create greater understanding of ourselves: - a new site - the goal is "to correlate collective dreams with world events, including natural and unnatural disasters, to see if collective dreams are predictive" - a site that has been in operation for several years with the same goal - The American Society for Psychical Research - the oldest and most broad-sweeping. Click on Online Research to enter your experiences in the database. - a new site with "a series of scientifically controlled, web-based experiments testing the power of intention to change the physical world"

The sweetest of dreams to you!


  1. I never thought of myself as having any psychic talents, but as I've aged I have started following my feeling to follow through on unexpected trips or lunches or places to go. Today was one of those days when I accepted an offer for lunch and picked up an advertisement for house. I want to have a house, but have felt no way could I buy one. Surprise lit in my eyes as I read some prices that are in my price range. That gives me hope that a house will be in my future when my expected funds due me arrive. I'll continue looking and pricing for now.

  2. i love that you took the time to make a website about your experience and that you want to share it with the world, so that others know that they are not alone.

  3. I have precognition and clairvoyance. I have had these abilities for as long as I can remember. But around the time I turned 7 I began feeling the emotions of the people I was seeing in these premonitions. At firstit was justlike knowing what they were feeling but then I began to see the visions more clearly and then began actually feeling the emotions instead of just being aware of them. Then around the age of 10 I began to be able to manipulate the actions of my visions of the present. This began to frighten me. Then around the age of 11 the people I saw threw clairvoyancy began to notice me. They couldn't actually see me, they were just aware someone was there. Watching. Then around age 13 the people I saw could actuallysee me. I am 15 now and at this point I can now se the future clearly as if I'm there. And can see the present around the world and I seem to actually be thee. No I am actually there.this kinds of frightens me now. I'm wondering if I should be scared.

  4. I have had precognitive ability for many years now, whenever I get a prediction for the future, it comes true. Here are two predictions for 2014. Liverpool to win the League. Arsenal to play Barcelona in the Champions League final. My contact is