Saturday, January 30, 2010

New Review of Psychic Closet by Lori Newman

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Below are some Reviews and Endorsements for Out of the Psychic Closet:
Out Of The Psychic Closet by Toby Heathcotte
This is a book of believing in yourself and finding the courage to look deeper into yourself to find your own truth.
Toby suffered a deep loss as a young child; a good friend was killed in a car accident. When the image of her deceased friend came to Toby to tell her she was alright, Toby’s mother denied such an image was possible. For years Toby struggled with the ability to believe in herself or what she had seen or felt on that day.  To believe in such things, let alone talk about them, would bring feelings of doubt and fear from others, especially those very close to her.
Even though the journey was a difficult and sometimes lonely one, Toby found the strength within herself to find her truth. To search out what she believed to be true and find peace with that knowledge. This is a book of her struggle to understand her gift and to make peace with it in order to bring knowledge to others. Toby was plagued with death in her family through out her young life and into her adulthood and believed at a young age that death and diing should be something to fear. Through her own research and determination, Toby has found that this is not true.
Her book Out Of The Psychic Closet brings a very comforting understanding to a gift that many are either afraid of or unwilling to believe in. Toby follows up her belief with in depth examples and research to sustain the facts she has written about. But this is also a story about a woman’s thirst for knowledge about herself and no matter the emotional or mental cost to Toby, she continued to look for and understand her own inner truth. Once she was able to believe in herself, life, and her gift took on a new direction, one of inner peace.
I connected with Toby on so many levels through out her book. I recommend Out Of The Psychic Closet to all who are in search of understand their own gifts and willing to make the first step to say, “I am not afraid.” We all in some form or another have that little voice guiding us, giving us direction; it is up to us to listen.
A great book that gave me goose bumps, and moments of reflection of happenings like those, Toby wrote about, in my own life. A must read
Review by Lori Newman Author of Here All Along


  1. 睇完之後覺得有d頓悟..感謝大大分享..˙ 3˙........................................

  2. This was a lovely book. I think Lori Newman has a wonderful talent for inspiring people.