Monday, October 25, 2010

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All over the world people are awakening to a broader sense of our connections with our Planet and how important it is to listen to the messages the Earth is giving us. Our world is speaking to us, it is time to listen.

When you purchase, read, and share my book
You will be helping yourself and others remember that everything
is alive with energy.

Orbs, Lights & Clouds, Experiences with Nature
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MP3 Download "Manifesting Health" Meditation
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Have you found that place within your heart where experiences occur that are challenging to describe...
... yet change the way you view the world?

If so, then you will want to read this book

Orbs, Lights & Clouds Experiences with Nature

It is an important book that is right in time with the opening of humanity's awareness
of our true connection with our planet.

It is a book you will want to gift to others who really care about their
Spiritual connection with Nature.

" This book explores the hidden world which is all around us, the natural world mysteriously unfolding before our eyes..."

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Communicating with Nature

It is an important book that is right in time with the opening of humanity's awareness with our true connection with our planet.

Would you like to know how the spirit of nature communicates with us?

Have you been looking for understandings of your experiences and the
unusual images of energy in your photographs?

Are you ready to discover ways of communicating with Nature,
and to receive validation of your own special experiences?
The answers come from the "hidden world that is all around us",
And are shared through experiences in this book.

"Cher-yl's talents are reflected in every page of the book from photos, the experiences, deeply connecting with Divine Energy, and most of all receiving beautiful messages." ... "What a book she has created!" A.T.

You will receive
Valuable Free Bonus Gifts


Receive Benefits from
Orbs, Lights & Clouds Experiences with Nature

Connect with the interrelatedness of all life

Awaken the relationship between your communications with Nature
And how this relates to your life

Experience your world from a new perspective

"I relate to Cher-yl's connection with Nature and felt from my experience of the book that she has become my like-minded friend. I find myself led back to it time and again for more perspective moments; it is very timely for me. "K.T.S


Energetic Photography

Inspires you to relate to Nature's energy captured in your own photos

Re-Awaken the communication you already have with Nature
Yet, may not be aware of

Is for everyone who loves nature and photography

"Cher-yl has a profound and rare connection with the nature spirits. Her photos are radiant and give a special insight into the beings that share our world. My deepest thanks for a glimpse at what few are able to see." M.F.

Orbs & Clouds

Answer your questions about Orbs & Spiritual Cloud formations

View inspiring photos of Orbs, Lights and Clouds?

Discover why some orbs occur in photographs

Learn information you will want to know given by Orbs

Our Partners are

Spiritually minded professionals offering you an array of
Special gifts that will inspire and enrich your life.

Your Special Bonus Offers

Cher-yl Gander Spagnolo Offers her gifts to you

MP3 Download "Manifesting Health" Meditation
MP3 Download of "Chakra Walk" Meditation
MP3 Download of "Full Moon Crystal Grid Medicine Wheel Journey"
$75 Coupon on a Sacred Space Clearing & Blessing


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About the Author

Cher-yl has been aware of energy within the physical world sense childhood. Born and raised on Long Island, NY she would spend many hours alone with the energy of nature. Her journey has led her to many teachers, both within and out of the physical realm. A deep awareness of energy led her to become a Usui and Karuna Reiki Master/Teacher, Melchizedek Method Facilitator/Practitioner, Gaiadon Heart Master Facilitator, Rising Star Practitioner, StarGate Facilitator, and a Priest in the Order of Melchizedek. More information and inspiration from Cher-yl can be found on her website.

Inspire your re-awakening to
The Spirit of Nature and communication
With our Planet and bring a deeper awareness
Into your life

Purchase Your Copy of
Orbs, Lights & Clouds Experiences with Nature

For making an investment in
Your re-awakening to communication
"With the hidden world all around us..."
For joining us in our goal of
Broadening the awareness
Of the Spirit of Nature!

Love, Light & Joy,

Cher-yl Gander Spagnolo

"Be the change you wish to see in the world."
Mahatma Gandhi

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