Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Holiday Special Honors eBook Prize Winners

Two of my books are finalists for the 2011 EPIC eBook Awards, outstanding achievement in e-publishing. My winning titles are The Comet's Return in metaphysical fiction and Out of the Psychic Closet in nonfiction.

To celebrate I'm offering two special sales.

All five segments of the Alma Chronicles, including The Comet's Return, for $1 each, that's $5 - total. They will come as pdf files, which you can read on your computer or your hand-held reader.
Any of my print book titles, signed, for $12 each, plus postage. The titles are Out of the Psychic Closet, Alison's Legacy, Lainn's Destiny, Angie's Promise, Luke's Covenant, and The Comet's Return. Be sure to tell me to whom I should autograph the book when you order.

Books make great gifts. If someone in your family likes to read about psychic experiences or metaphysical ideas like reincarnation, intuition, or ghosts, one of my books would be the perfect gift.

In the Alma Chronicles, souls, bound together in a circle of love, passion, betrayal, and murder, reincarnate lifetime after lifetime from the ancient Celtic world through twenty-first century America.

Each volume of the Alma Chronicles can be read as a stand-alone book, backward in time the way the inspiration came to the author, or forward in time as a family chronicle unfolds.

The Comet's Return: In 2061 Arizona, Angela dreams of people she should recognize and events she should remember. With her career and her sanity in jeopardy, she goes to the trunk opening for Halley’s Comet and finds her love from their previous incarnation. Connecting with her previous lifetime opens Angela to the great knowledge. Kegan yet walks the world, intent on ending the blood feud from Celtic times. “This journey of rediscovered love and spiritual awakening will leave readers speculating on forces that impact their own lives, long after the last page.” Michael J. Murphy

Out of the Psychic Closet: The Quest to Trust My True Nature: A self-help handbook in two parts that will show the reader how to step out of the psychic closet, to rise above anxiety and distrust, and to incorporate psychic abilities into a more honest model of personal reality. The first part narrates the author's psychic experiences. The second part details scientific research, historical background, and previously unpublished anecdotes. "A great book that gave me goose bumps, and moments of reflection... A must read." Lori Newman

To read more about all the books, visit tobyheathcotte.com

Unfortunately I can't offer you a sale on the eBook of Out of the Psychic Closet, but you can buy it from Fictionwise: http://www.fictionwise.com/ebooks/b96057/?si=0

You must reply to this email to qualify for the special offer. Feel free to forward it to anyone you think might appreciate it.

Happiest of holidays to you.

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